Yellowstone canyon and West thumb geysers

One day we explored the area of the oldest national park together with our friends and neighbors, which were in this part of the world as well. We were really happy – both young and older ones. It is nice to see someone you know in the other part of the world. Even more if that someone shares your point of view, your whishes, visions, paths, thoughts… Someone who knows that it is worth to be a little patient sometimes and to go out of your comfort zone.

We agreed to meet at 9 a.m. at parking spot in front of Yellowstone canyon and its waterfall. There was a song in my mind for the whole morning – Yellowstone river, Yellowstone river … and it was really sunny morning.

We decided to explore Yellowstone canyon, to climb steeply down to a beautiful viewpoint, to work out a little and enjoy. Of course we had to climb on many many steps back and my legs were remembering this path for a few days. 🙂 But it was worth it.

We continued to Yellowstone Lake and further more to beautiful West thumb geysers by the lake. Sun was shining and we got minor sun burns, but we didn´t care.

We finished that day by swimming in warm river on the other part of Yellowstone national park and by cooking some food on the benches by the river. Perfect.

Interesting were not only stops for exploring but also paths between them and congestions which we were actually happy about. Congestions on the roads of Yellowstone are made by animals that are the most important here. We didn´t complain.