Yellowstone is the oldest national park on world. Entire national park lies on volcano of diameter of 60 km, which erupted 600.000 years ago. Landscape that was created by that eruption is unearthly beautiful, wild, basic and protected by law. The tiniest Earth´s crust in Yellowstone is only 200 m thick and that´s why there are so many unusual geysers – more then on the rest of whole world together. If it will erupt again – or better when, because statistically it will erupt in 30.000 years – its power will destroy not only entire USA, but can also cause new ice age. Phew…

When exploring Yellowstone it is obvious that you are standing in volcano. There is smoke coming from everywhere and even when you don´t expect to see geysers, they are everywhere – the little ones and the bigger and mighty ones. I will write its own post about the prettiest and well-known geyser – Grand Prismatic Spring. When one of them surprises you with eruption, the joy, amazement and enthusiasm are so high. One of well-known geysers, which is the most predictable in its eruptions of hot water – is Old Faithful. Its name says it all 🙂

It really is mighty, even thou we had more beautiful and genuine experience elsewhere because of crowd by it – as always when we move from tourist spots to less crowded and more hidden places of our world.

Exploring of Yellowstone runs on tidy road, which is in shape of number eight. Infinity. As there is infinitely of everything in Yellowstone – especially of wild beauty. Let it last – infinitely. 🙂