Zagorija is special, distanced, quite, genuine and mountainous part of North West Greece. Good starting point to explore Zagorija is Ioannina, which is near Parga and Igoumenitsa. Zagorija surprises at every step with its canyons, ravines, springs, natural bridges, houses and monasteries made of stone, where you can chill during hot summer day. And when after some blind curve you find natural pools to bathe – the day becomes perfect.

The center of Zagorija is canyon Vikos, the deepest in Europe, with river Voidomatis running through it. Short trekking to spring of Voidomatis is hard in summer heat, but it is worth it. Vikos is on North surrounded by wonderful stony villages Aristi, Papingo and Mikro Papingo and on South there is famous Monodendri.

If you ever decided to visit Zagorija one day won´t be enough. Find yourself good offer to stay in villages Aristi or Papingo. That way you will be able to spend a few days in intact part of genuine mountainous Greece.