Zotter Chocolate Factory and Chocolate theatre

One Saturday – on recommendation of our friends – we visited Zotter Chocolate Factory in Austria and their Chocolate theatre with belonging farm. We intended to stay three hours, but instead we stayed all day long. And decided to come again next year. This day was full of culinary indulgence and best culinary taste. Even those who aren´t chocoholics will definitely find something for them. There are lots of sorts and flavors of chocolate, which are presented in Chocolate theatre from beginning (row cocoa beans from all over the world) to is final shape (different chocolate bars, pralines, hot beverages…) Everything about chocolate. From bean to cult. Flavors are really high quality and there are lots of chocolates for vegans, too.

What I liked the most is Fair-trade production and the fact that all ingredients are organic and ecologically produced. Josef Zotter is one of the best internationally recognized chocolate manufacturer in the world. He is very special and straightforward – but open and responsive to visitors.

Chocolate theatre is situated on organic farm where they introduce us with organic food culture. The farm is simple, but very well designed. It´s the place for the soul. It is enriched with hammocks, slack lines, farm golf, spice and herb gardens and lots of animals. And with specialties of Josef Zotter – as the graveyard of ideas for example. They have their own brewery, bakery, mill and miniature pasta factory. In the restaurant which is on the farm, they use only ingredients that they produce themselves. Their organic food bar (as they call it) is the most special restaurant that I have ever been to. It was yummy. The final touch was their organic fruity ice-cream – the best I have ever tasted – except Sicilian pistachio.

You should go on their path of chocolate tastes and culinary indulgence. It is worth it.